John Coppola

Senior Embedded Firmware Engineer


Perth, Australia

Senior Embedded Firmware Engineer working for Motium.com in Perth, West Australia.

I develop firmware for mother boards that manage Q7 and COM express modules for industrial tablets and PC’s.

I primarily develop for NXP IMXRT10xx MCU’s using a variety of interfaces such as USB/CAN/I2C/SPI/ADC/GPIO etc… I also develop secure and encrypted firmware based on IMXRT hardware capabilities. My main languages and tools these days include C/C++ and FreeRTOS. IDE’s include SES, Keil and MCUXpresso.

I also have enterprise level experience in database systems using MSsql, Oracle and .NET/Core/MVC and web services including REST. I have developed custom multi-million$ bespoke software for large government organizations such as Dept. of Justice while working for Unisys.

I have also developed several commercial products using windows C/C++ MFC used in the mining industry world wide. I was the initial lead designer when acQuire Software was formed.

I have developed hundreds of mobile applications using Windows CE/Mobile and Xamerin based apps for Android/IOS and UWP.

Finally, I have extensive experience in embedded systems covering mining, rail maintenance and flaw detection, medical diagnostic equipment, home automation and vehicle engine management to name a few – I literally cant remember everything! 🙂

I have been developing firmware since 1982 and Windows based software since 1995. My focus however these days is all things embedded.